Newsletter Vol. 1 May 13, 2015

Vol. 1, No. 1 May/June 2015

The Cuenca Holistic Health Newsletter

Welcome to this premier edition of The Cuenca Holistic Health Newsletter. If you have any interest in holistic health, wellness, and/or sustainable living you probably know that there is a lot of misinformation and deceptive advertising being propagated by the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and the AMA (American Medical Assoc.). Much of this advertising is meant to discredit holistic treatment modalities and services and convince the public that pharmaceuticals are the only way to combat ill health and disease.

The reality is that there are proven, non-pharmaceutical, holistic treatments available that are effective, cost much less than pharmaceuticals that have less or no side effects and are non-toxic. We believe these treatments should be available to clients who would like an alternative to traditional Western treatments. The Holistic Health Network is committed to bringing you information that can help you make an informed decision about how you approach health, wellness and healing.

The mission of the Holistic Health Network is to educate and inform the residents of Cuenca and beyond with accurate, reliable information regarding holistic treatments and modalities to be considered as alternatives to the more mainstream Western or Allopathic approaches. The word “Holistic” indicates an approach to wellness and health that takes into consideration the whole person - body, mind and spirit. In the months to come we will be bringing you news about cutting edge advances in alternative treatments as well as introducing you to some of the practitioners and practices available here in Cuenca.
It is supposed to be a professional secret, but I’ll tell you anyway. We doctors do nothing. We only help and encourage the doctor within”.

Albert Schweitzer, MD


Each issue of The Cuenca Holistic Health Newsletter will contain information about cutting edge health treatments, nutrition information, explanations of the different holistic treatment modalities, tips on staying healthy as well as looking at things that we should be avoiding if we wish to stay healthy and vital. Things like GMO’s, fast food, unnecessary medical interventions and much more.

Forging The Future of The Cuenca Holistic Health Network

When I arrived here in Cuenca in November 2013, I was determined to make my new home, here in Cuenca, a hub for accurate, cutting edge information about dis-ease prevention and treatment. I had spent 25 years working in the United States as a mental health therapist and medical hypnotherapist treating cancer patients that were said to be incurable. Some of my clients did, in fact, succumb to their dis-ease but some opted to ignore the death sentence handed down by their treatment providers and create a different scenario that included a prognosis for health, happiness and a rewarding, full life.
A lot of things have kept me side tracked from sharing the information that I have collected over the years. Let’s face it, there is a lot to keep us busy here in Cuenca but I feel like the time is now right to move forward. I have met many talented and informed holistic practitioners who recognize the benefits of treating clients with holistic, natural approaches to health and healing. In the months ahead The Network will tap into the expertise of these practitioners and invite them to present workshops, write informative articles, and participating in seminars that will lead towards a two day Holistic Health Symposium in January 2016.

Upcoming Holistic Health Events:

  • Monthly Holistic Health Workshops. Times and locations will be announced on, Gringo Tree and in this newsletter.

  • 2016 Cuenca Holistic Health Symposium in January.

The Cuenca Holistic Health Guide is available on along with articles, events, recipes and too many other new features to list here.
The Cuenca Holistic Health Newsletter is produced by the Cuenca Holistic Health Network: Robert Higgins-editor, Greg Medeiros - Technical  Coordinator.

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