¡Viva Sano! Suggestions

How to Get the Most From ¡Viva Sano!

1. Purpose of the expo (In order of importance):
a. Increase awareness of your business, product or service.
b. Meet and talk to as many people as possible about what you do.
i. How it can make their lives better or more enjoyable?
ii. What problem does it solve?
iii. What benefit does it provide?
iv. Why is yours better?
c. Gain new clients.
d. Sell your products or book appointments with new clients.
2. Use your email list and social media outlets to their fullest to help spread the word about the ¡Viva Sano! and your part in it. Starting several weeks before the expo begin sending notices to your email list and posting to your
social media pages to let your subscribers and followers know you will be in ¡Viva Sano! You should send one a week beginning four weeks before the show. Send one a few days before the expo and another on the day of the
expo. Post to your social media pages from the expo.
a. The reason for this is your clients will be looking for what other exhibitors have to offer and vice versa. We all  need to promote the ¡Viva Sano! to our clientele to bring in as many like-minded people as possible.
3. On the day of the Expo arrive early to set up.
a. Give yourself enough time to set up properly.
b. Allow time to deal with any problems or special needs.
c. Be completely set up, in your booth and ready when the doors open at 10:00.
4. Put together a gift basket of your products, make up a certificate for a free service or a certificate for a purchase in your store up to $XX. Use your imagination. Come up with a creative prize. This should be for something totally free.
a. Put a goldfish bowl on your table and make up a registration form for people to enter a drawing to win your prize.
b. Keep the form simple so it is quick and easy for people to fill out.
c. By doing this more people will enter and your table will not be tied up with people filling out forms.
i. Name, email address and telephone and/or cellular number is enough.
        ii. You can also offer some options such as:
1. Add me to your mailing list
2. I would like to attend a workshop
3. I would like to present a workshop
iii. List these on the form and provide a check box next to them so people can just check off the ones they are interested in.
iv. It is advisable to make your form bilingual, Spanish and English, as the expo will be attended by both Spanish and English speakers.
d. Only people who are interested in your products or services will enter your drawing. So these names are valuable for marketing purposes.
5. ive out free samples of your product. If your product is served in a cup or on a plate or if you will be using napkins, toothpicks, disposable forks or knives, etc. please provide a waste basket at your table so people can dispose of the trash and not have
to carry it around with them. We want their hands free to try other foods and look at other products.
6. Donate a door prize to the show
a. We will be giving away prizes throughout the day. People must be present to win. This encourages people to stay at the show longer which increases the possibility of them stopping at your booth to talk.
b. Prizes must be for something free. Door prizes for discounts, 2x1 offers, etc. do not work well for this purpose.
7. Stand up as much as possible
a. When you sit down most people will pass right by without even speaking to you.
b. If you must sit, try to do it at a time when there are not many people or at least not many headed your way.
c. If you are sitting when people head in the direction of your table stand up.
8. Engage people
a. A simple "Hello or Buenos días/tardes is usually sufficient to get people's attention and start a conversation. This will help prevent them from walking right on by. Once they go by they are not likely to return.
b. Invite them to fill out a registration form to win your prize.
c. Talk with them while they are filling out the form.
d. Ask them questions.
e. Offer information.
f. If they say they are interested in something you sell or offer but don't have with you, let them know this and invite them to your store or office to check it out.
9. Pay attention to your fellow exhibitors.
a. There is a lot of crossover at the expo.
b. People who are interested in your products and services are interested in some of the other products and services at the expo and vice versa.
c. Introduce yourself to other exhibitors, especially those who offer a product or service that fits with yours.
d. Offer to refer clients to them. They will most likely reciprocate.
10.  After the expo, enter all of the names and email addresses you gathered from your give-away drawing into a database.
a. Notify the winner of the drawing.
b. Make an offer to the rest of the people who entered but did not win.
c. Start marketing to them via email on a regular basis.
11. If you have question about any of these suggestions or other ideas you may have You can use the Contact Form on this website or contact Greg Medeiros at  cuencaholisticguide@gmail.com or 0980269887 or (07) 238-6938. 

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How to Get the Most From ¡Viva Sano!

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