Thieves Oil Blend - An Age Old Remedy
Thieves Oil Blend

Thieves Oil - An Age Old Remedy

 By Gregory Medeiros

Thieves Oil is a blend of five essential oils that has been around for about seven hundred years. It is said that it was developed by perfume and spice traders who were put out of work when all international trade in Europe was shut down because of the Bubonic Plague, also known as the Black Plague and Black Death, in the mid 1300's. Just like unemployed people today, they ran out of money pretty quickly and started looking for new ways to make money. However, when all you know is one thing it is difficult to jump into something new and start making money right away.
As the story goes, these out of work traders turned to thievery to support themselves and their families. They looted the homes and graves of plague victims taking whatever they could find; e.g., jewelry and other valuables, clothes, even pots and pans. These items were then sold for money or traded for food and clothing. The traders turned thieves believed they would be protected from the plague by rubbing spices, oils and even vinegar on themselves. Apparently, they were right.
The King learned about the seemingly immune thieves and having a great concern for his people, himself and his own family, wanted to know what their secret was. He sent his men to capture them. They were successful in capturing four of them. The King gave these four thieves a choice, burn at the stake or give up their secret formula. They made the choice most people would make and told the King everything they knew about these spices and oils they had been using to protect themselves from the plague.
The King made sure the formula was disseminated to everyone and posted in towns all over kingdom. There are accounts of this story in the Royal English Archives.
This famous blend, called Thieves Oil, contains five essential oils which are highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious; i.e, Clove Oil (Syzgium Aromaticum), Lemon Oil (Citrus Limon), Cinnamon Bark (Cinnamomum Verum), Eucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus Radiata) and Rosemary Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis). Thieves Oil is used to protect against colds, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, sore throats, etc.
People have come to use Thieves Oil in many ways, e.g., to fight common colds, support immune function, maintain a healthy respiratory system, digestive support, alleviate minor aches and pains, massage, as sore throat gargle, dental issues, wounds, cuts and scrapes, acne, insect bites, add it to homemade toothpaste, mouth wash, disinfect your toothbrush, cold sores, plantar warts, clean your dishwasher, kill airborne germs, air freshener, disinfectant, repel aphids on plants, as a general all around cleaner, and much more
Because of its wide variety of uses Thieves Oil is a great addition to your travel bag. Read Uses For Thieves Oil for more information about the many ways you can use this very versatile, age old blend of essential oils.
In 1977 Webster State University conducted a study on Thieves Oil. The purpose of the study was to see how well it worked on airborne bacteria. The results show that Thieves Oil has a 99.96% success rate against airborne bacteria. In this study airborne bacteria were sprayed into an enclosed area that was previously sterilized using ultra violet light. Next, Thieves Oil was infused into the same enclosed area. Within 12 minutes there was a reduction of:
82% in Micrococcus luteus (bacteria found in water, soil, dust & air)
96% in Pseudomonas aeruginosa (sepsis)
44% in Staphylococcus aureus(staph)
After 20 minutes the numbers were even higher, up to 99.3%. Thieves Oil also works on mold.
The International Journal of Food Microbiology published a research reported that indicated 92% of 25 strains of gram positive and negative bacteria were killed by the use of clove, thyme and cinnamon essential oils.
You can buy Thieves Oil Blend from several manufacturers of essential oils or you can make it yourself. For an easy to follow recipe read DIY Thieves Oil Blend.
Anytime you use essential oils on children, babies or animals make sure you dilute them in a carrier oil. Pregnant women should always use caution and consult a professional when using essential oils. Citrus oils, products made from citrus and other oils can be toxic to cats. Never use any of these on a cat. Always avoid eye contact with all essential oils. If an essential oil does come in contact with eyes put a few drops of a pure vegetable oil in the eye and seek medical attention. Never use water.

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