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Susan Schenck

2-18 Manzaneras y El Canero, Dep. 4D
(07) 284-3183

Lose weight, Feel great—without feeling hungry. Susan is an expert on various diet plans having written two books on nutrition and having earned a Master’s in Chinese medicine. Learn to make tasty recipes. Unlock metabolic blocks. Includes her book with weight loss tips.

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NutritionNutritionWe are what we eat. All health, good or bad, starts with what we eat.
Weight LossWeight LossWeight loss is never easy. Find help here.
Consejería NutricionalConsejería NutricionalSomos lo que comemos. Todo salud, bueno o malo, comienza con lo que comemos.
La Pérdida de PesoLa Pérdida de PesoPérdida de peso nunca es fácil. Encontrar ayuda aquí.
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