Meeting Summary

Summary of March 28, 2016 Cuenca Holistic Health Network Meeting

The Cuenca Holistic Health Network held a meet at the Windhorse Café on Calle Larga 6-16 on Monday, March 28, 2016. It started at 2:30 PM and 12 people were in attendance. Introductions were made and the agenda for the meeting was introduced by Robert Higgins which included:

  • Discussion about the upcoming May 21 Holistic Health Expo.

  • Greg Medeiros talked about the changes to the website and the Cuenca Holistic Health Guide.

  • The Network will be offering a monthly workshop series and proposals were requested.

  • Plans for the Cancer Support Group were discussed.

  • Tentative plans for a 2017 Holistic Health International Conference were discussed.

May 21 Holistic Health Expo

The next Holistic Health Expo will be held on Saturday, May 21 at CEDEI (Gran Colombia 11-02 y General Torres. This will be our third Expo and the other two were very well attended and supported by the community. The Expo offers an opportunity for the community to meet and talk with Holistic Health Providers and Product distributors. The event will be free to the public and there is a $30.00 table charge for vendors at the event. There will once again be an opportunity for providers to do a 50 minute workshop session at the event. The cost to attend a workshop will be $5.00 per person which will be split between the presenter and the Holistic Health Network.

There will be 35 exhibition spaces available and 6 have already been secured. To secure your space write to Bob Higgins at

Website and Cuenca Holistic Health Guide

Greg Medeiros has done a great job updating the website. The site is now faster, easier to navigate and has a lot of new features to explore. Greg is also in charge of sales for provider ad space in the Guide. For information or for advertising placement in the Guide please contact Greg at

Monthly Workshop Series

Starting in late April or early May the Holistic Health Network will start offering a monthly workshop on Holistic Health. The workshops will be offered at our new building on Cornelio Merchan 7-94. A schedule for the workshops is now being compiled and we are looking for presenters that would like to do a two hour workshop. Proceeds from the workshop will be split between the presenter and the Holistic Health Network. If you are interested in presenting a workshop contact Bob Higgins at

Cancer Support Group

In late April the Holistic Health Network will start offering a Cancer support group for people with cancer, their families, care givers and for people who are concerned about cancer and how to take steps to prevent the disease. For more information about the cancer support group go to Providers and people who have beaten their cancer are being sought to speak at the Support Group. If you would like to be a part of this project please contact Bob Higgins at

Plans for the 2017 International Holistic Health Conference

The Cuenca Holistic Health Network is proud to announce that plans are underway to host a 2017 Holistic Health Conference here in Cuenca. We have been encouraged and excited by the quality of speakers that are interested in coming to Cuenca for this event. We will keep you posted as things develop.

Get Involved

Bob Higgins had a vision 25 years ago that he would help create a Hub for Holistic Health education and services. Many of the pieces are now coming together and with the quality of practitioners in our community it appears that Cuenca could easily become this hub but the team at Cuenca Holistic Health Network needs your help.

Education in the form of articles to put on the website, workshops for the public, our local practitioners and vendors, people to speak at the cancer support group and volunteers for the various functions are essential to grow the Network and become the hub for Holistic Health Education and Services in Ecuador and beyond. Please consider sharing some of your time and expertise to help this vision become a reality. To discuss ways you may be able to help contact Bob Higgins at

Final Note

As always, The Cuenca Holistic Health Network strives to make all of our services bi-lingual. It is a huge task to have all documents, articles and correspondence translated and to keep up with all changes in both languages. We will continue our efforts to offer everything in both Spanish and English.

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