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Neural Therapy * Acupuncture

Chelation Therapy * Massage Therapy

Homeopathy * High Dose Vitamin C

Ozone Treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Deep Detoxification * Ionic Detox

Auto San Bed * Magnet Therapy

Facial Rejuventation 

Injectable Collagen

Cancer Support 

Anti-Aging Programs

Sammi Medical
Caramburo 2-38 y Cordillera (Totoracocha)
(07) 280-5171 or (07) 286-4309

USA: 201-204-4325

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Health and Wellness CentersHealth and Wellness CentersCenters of health and wellness where you can work on regaining and maintaining your health.
Centros de Bienestar y SaludCentros de Bienestar y SaludCentro de salud y bienestar donde puede trabajar a recuperar y mantener su salud.
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