How Does Brainwave Optimization Work?

How Does Brainwave Optimization Work?

First we do an Assessment to record the brain’s functioning style, including its degree of balance and harmony in all lobes, using non-invasive sensors, precision technology and sophisticated computer algorithms. This a two-hour appointment, followed by discussion of the results and planning a training program.
In training, with the use of passive electrodes on the scalp, the brain’s existing electrical activity is gathered, filtered, analyzed,  and transformed into carefully modulated sounds, as well as real time graphs of function and response. We produce a high-resolution acoustic mirror of your brain’s activity in real time using special sound algorhythms, blended with Grammy Award winning vocal sounds.
With  earphones you simply relax and listen to the sounds, a technique called Sound Mirroring. The brain relaxes and collaborates by recalibrating its own functions. New neuropathways replace old ones, and unwanted patterns fade. Using our patented Wave-Aid® process, with natural ambient sounds, your brain sustains optimal brain states with long-term results.

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More Information About Brainwave Optimization

Brain DynamicsBrain Dynamics
What is Brainwave Optimization?What is Brainwave Optimization?
  • Reclaim your own innate wellness from the inside out.
What Are the Benefits of Brainwave Optimization?What Are the Benefits of Brainwave Optimization?
  • Brainwave Optimization is non-invasive, shows rapid improvement, builds new neural pathways, dissolves stress-related patterns, profound brain relaxation, permits the brain to recalibrate itself. Old patterns of health and behavior fade.
Supporting Research for Brainwave OptimizationSupporting Research for Brainwave Optimization
  • Research supports Brainwave Optimization.
The Tool
Additional ServicesAdditional Services
  • Personal Energy Profiles and Psychological Testing can help in making life decisions and utilize your energies more effectively
Books by Dr. Kelly R. BennettBooks by Dr. Kelly R. Bennett
  • Books by Brainwave Optimization expert Dr. Kelly R. Bennett

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