Making An Herbal Infusion
Herbal Infusion

Making An Herbal Infusion

Making an herbal infusion is like making a cup of tea. Infusions are usually made from flowers and leaves. Occasionally roots and seeds are used if the essential oils would be lost if used in a decoction which requires boiling. Seeds used in an infusion should be lightly crushed.

  1. Use fresh herbs whenever possible and pure well, bottled or filtered water

  2. Bring one cup of water to a boil

  3. Add three teaspoons of fresh herb or two teaspoons of dried herb

  4. Remove the water and herbs from the heat and let them stand covered for ten to thirty minutes

  5. Strain the mixture, and you have an infusion

Make a stronger infusion by using up to one half ounce of dried herb and allowing the herbs to steep up to several hours.

Other Herbal Preparations

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