A Sad Day in Ecuador

As many of our readers already know, our esteemed publisher, Robert Higgins, has been publishing a series of articles about alternative cancer treatments versus conventional cancer treatments. He has come under fire for his standpoint and beliefs regarding these issues and what he believes is going on behind the scenes. His motives have been questioned and attempts have been made to discredit him and make him out to be some sort of dangerous fruit cake who rambles on without any substance to what he says.
Those of us who know Bob know that this is the furthest thing from the truth. Bob speaks from many years of experience and research. He does not make any of what he professes up. All of it comes from his own professional experiences, research he has done and in depth conversations he has had with people adept in either allopathic, holistic or some form of alternative medicine.
Bob's own credentials include degrees in counseling, national certifications in various holistic health modalities as well as being a trained clinical hypnotherapist. Bob has been invited to speak, and has spoken, on these subjects at many conferences, most of which were sponsored by allopathic organizations. These include, but are not limited to, the Stow Weekend of Hope, New England Holistic Nursing Association Conference, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital and Antioch Graduate School among others. He has also taken part in Grand Rounds at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Bob has many years of experience counseling cancer suffers with outstanding results.
Our goal here at Cuenca Holistic Health is to provide a platform for sharing information and making information available so that people can do their own research and come to their own conclusions of what is going on in the world of health care and what form of health care is right for them. We welcome open, honest and respectful dialog between our readers and with us. However, the exchanges that are the subject of this editorial were for the most part anything but open and respectful. I leave honest out because I think the people that disagree with our viewpoint genuinely believe in what they say. My issue is not with what they have said but how they have chosen to say it and their lack of substance.
I was going to provide some excerpts from these dialogs here but have decided it would be far better for anyone who is interested to read the articles and subsequent comments for themselves and come to their own decision rather than just read my selected quotes. Feel free to leave your own comments on these threads.
To read the original articles at the core of these discussions and the comments posted click on one of the following links:
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Greg Caton, a recognized herbalist and expert in alternative cancer treatment, was upset enough by what he saw happening on the forum to write down his own thoughts about all of this and post it to his website. He backs up what he has to say with plenty of citations. Greg knows better than most of us the extent the Industrial Medical Complex will go to, in order to protect their profits. For more information on Greg and his personal story in this arena just Google Greg Caton. There is plenty of information available about his journey to bring natural remedies and health care products to people and what he has had to endure in order to do that. He even had to relocate his family and business to Ecuador in order to continue the work he believes in.
Read what Greg Caton had to say about all of this here:
For more information on alternative cancer treatments and natural health care products and remedies visit Greg's websites at:
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Greg Medeiros
Technical Coordinator (and now editorial writer)

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