Dragon's Blood
Dragon's Blood Tree

Sangre de Drago - Dragon's Blood

By Silvana Spanò

I give thanks every day that the use of herbal medicines is so deeply rooted in the culture of Latin America. One of the many joys of moving back to South America after spending 30 years in the Northern hemisphere has been the process of deepening and expanding my knowledge about healing plants. We are especially fortunate here in Ecuador, as it is truly one of the world´s last reserves for Mother Earth’s biodiversity and the ancestral knowledge on how to enjoy her gifts with wisdom.
In this first part of a series of articles where I will be sharing this wealth of information, I would like to mention an amazing plant in our everyday midst believed to be indigenous to this land.
Sangre de Drago:
Latin name: croton lechleri or euphorbiaceae
Spanish name: sangre de drago
Quichua name: lanhuiqui
The name of this mighty tree means ‘dragon's blood’, which pours out a dark red liquid when its bark is cut. According to native knowledge and use, it is one of the most potent natural healing agents in the world. It can be used either externally or internally. In the Ecuadorian Amazonia, an indigenous man told us that he had seen machete laceration heal in front of his eyes when Sangre de Drago was applied. Externally, it is used for wounds, cuts, mosquito bites, rashes, herpes and other skin irritations, as well as toothaches; it is applied full strength. Internally, it must be diluted in water, and it is used to heal stomach ulcers, sooth the intestinal tract, and treat kidney and urinary tract problems. To prevent infections, it can be used both externally and internally. I have also heard of people who have cured themselves of tuberculosis and cancer with this amazing natural medicine. We recommend ‘dragon’s blood’ from a company called Florasana, as it is a high quality product bottled in glass eye droppers to assure its chemical integrity.
Silvana Spanò is a wellness consultant at the Cuenca Holistic Wellness Center. Her education and experience includes clinical counselling, energy medicine, homeopathy, herbology and nutrition. Originally from Argentina and trained in Canada, she and her husband are now living and working in Cuenca. For more information on their holistic perspective go to www.SouthAmericanHealth.com

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