Cancer Seminar

CANCER: Cures, Cover Ups, Confusion and Controversy

The Seminar

Who should attend this seminar? Cancer has become an epidemic. The latest research indicates that 1 out of 3 people who live a Western Lifestyle will have to face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime! Most of those people, like you, thought it could never happen to them!

On Friday, June 26 there will be a very special seminar presented by The Cuenca Holistic Health Network entitled “Cancer: Cures, Cover-ups, Confusion and Controversy”. This will be the first in an ongoing series of seminars presented by The Cuenca Holistic Health Network.  Presenters will be Robert Higgins LMFT, CH, Dr. Jack Murdock and Dr. Beverly Cowan.

What you will learn:

A brief history of how treatment for cancer has gotten to the place that it is now. Namely that any treatment besides the Big Three (Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery) is illegal in the United States and repressed in most of the world. Also, what you can do to help prevent cancer and what lifestyle changes will help with any cancer treatment if you are diagnosed with the disease . - With Robert Higgins LMFT, CH (See Gringo Tree for articles by Robert Higgins LMFT, CH written about these subjects)

A look at the use of Chinese medicine in the treatment of cancer.  Also, an introduction to the Rife Machine and its implications for treatment of disease. Check out this documentary about Royal Rife and his amazing technologies. - With Dr. Bev Cowan

Dr. Jack Murdock will be doing his presentation based on his soon to be released book on Cancer treatment with locally obtainable herbs. These remedies have been shown to have very promising results in working with cancer.

For additional information on effective alternative treatments for cancer we recommend that you view the videos “Cancer: Forbidden Cures” and “Cancer is Curable Now!

NOTE: This seminar is for information purposes only. The presenters of this seminar are making no recommendations for treatment of cancer or claims for cancer cures. This seminar will focus on alternative (non-allopathic) cancer approaches and will not be discussing traditional approaches to cancer treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery).

When: Friday, June 26 starting at 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Where: Esteves de Toral 13-31 y Vega Muños
Health investment: $15.00

For more information please email Robert Higgins LMFT, CH at
We hope to see you Friday for this important health seminar.

HOLSITIC HEALTH PROVIDERS: The Cuenca Holistic Health Network is now creating a workshop series for 2015 and 2016.We are planning to sponsor at least one seminar a month. Do you have a workshop that you would like to present? The Holistic Health Network can secure a room for your presentation, advertise and take care of any logistical considerations.  For information contact Robert Higgins at

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