Brainwave Optimization®

Brainwave Optimization®

Brainwave Optimization® (BWO) is a non-invasive process. It encourages the brain to relax and return to a balanced state. This sets the stage to break out of old patterns that are at the root of our problems. These same patterns block us from the good things in life.
Brainwave Optimization® is also used to enhance performance in any aspect of life. BWO helps people feel more energetic, joyous and focused. It aids with memory, learning, meditation, peace of mind and sleep.

Brainwave Optimization® Providers

Brain Dynamics

Dr. Kelly R. Bennett, BS, MS, PhD, EMDR
Edificio Primero de Mayo
Primero de Mayo 5-93 y Fernando de 
Aragón, Esquina, Dept. 3A
Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador 010201
Cellular 096-824-1884
MagicJack 505-807-2303

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