Additional Services
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Additional Services

Brainwave Optimization®, or BWO for short, is the core service of Dr. Kelly R. Bennett and Brain Dynamics (BD.) BWO is a short-term process that produces long-lasting results. It is relaxing, restorative and non-invasive. BWO can help you sleep and focus better, reduce your stress level and improve your memory. I can also help achieve enhanced performance in many areas of life.

Dr. Bennett augments and compliments Brainwave Optimization® with an array of other services. He combines Psychological Counseling along with standard psychological tests and Personal Energy Profiles with Brainwave Optimization® to achieve optimal results.

When asked about using various methods together he explained, "The mind does not listen to the brain very much but the brain pays close attention to the mind. So if we improve the way the brain is functioning through the use of Brainwave Optimization
® but we don't help the mind to improve, the mind will bring the brain right back down again. For the brain to maintain the gains it has made from BWO the mind must improve too. These other tools are the way we help the mind improve and the person within the body to understand and deal with the causes of their problems and to help them make the necessary adjustments."

Dr. Bennett goes on to explain the last step of the process is to unify the brain and the mind and the gains they have made. To do this he uses EMDR and Meditation. He has extensive experience with meditation and offers MPM training as well. 

The chart below illustrates how all these relate and work together.

Transforming Brain Patterns And Rhythms

Transforming Mind Patterns And Rhythms

Brainwave Optimization® (BWO)
Mind Dynamics (Psychological)
BRAINtelect B2v2 Headband Psychological Counseling
Sleep and Basic Functions
Psychological Testing
High, Low Energy Reserves
Perceptions and Beliefs
Subconscious History and Trauma
Values and Motivation
Cognitive Functions
Attitudes and Willingness
Automatic Physical Functions
Behaviors and Style
Low, Middle, and High-Frequencies
Skype Counseling

Ask about our counseling by Skype!!!

Brain Dynamics would like to help you no matter what you situation is. Ordinary day life gives us all plenty to deal with. Many times this is not without lasting consequences.

Maybe you have relocated to a new country and are having difficulty adjusting to the culture and language. Maybe this move has left you homesick and missing your family. Perhaps learning the language is giving you trouble. Maybe you have lost a loved one or a job or suffered some other trauma that has left a lasting mark on your life. Brainwave Optimization
® might be what you need to help you heal and move past the effects these things have left behind.

Maybe you are trying to figure out your direction in life, or a new direction. You may wish to change your work, take on a new career, or even know more clearly what to study in high school or college. We can help you decide on a field or a combination of fields using Psychological Testing that fits you perfectly.

Motivation may be your issue. Our Personal Energy Profiles describe the quality of your motivations on a day-by-day basis helping you to utilize your energies more effectively. This permits you to take advantage of unexpected energy fluctuations, turning them in your favor.
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Learn More About Brain Dynamics and Brainwave Optimization®

Brain DynamicsBrain DynamicsBrain Dynamics helps people end problems in their lives and find more focus, energy, and peace of mind. They do this using a process called Brainwave Optimization®
What is Brainwave Optimization®?What is Brainwave Optimization®?Brainwave Optimization® is a non-invasive process. It encourages the brain to relax and return to a balanced state. This sets the stage to break out of old patterns that are at the root of our problems. 
How Does Brainwave Optimization® Work?How Does Brainwave Optimization® Work?
Brainwave Optimization® works by creating new neural pathways to replace old ones so unwanted patterns fade away and new ones develop.
    What Are the Benefits of Brainwave Optimization®?What Are the Benefits of Brainwave Optimization®?Brainwave Optimization® helps people resolve problems in their lives and is also used to enhance performance in any aspect of life. BWO helps people feel more energetic, joyous and focused. It aids with memory, learning, meditation, peace of mind and sleep.
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