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Dr. Kelly R. Bennett, BS, MS, PhD, EMDR
Edificio Primero de Mayo
Primero de Mayo y Fernando de Aragon Esquina, Dept. 3A
Cuenca, Azuay, Ecuador 010201
Cellular 096-824-1884
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Who Are Brain Dynamics and What Do They Do?

Brain Dynamics is owned and operated by Dr. Kelly R. Bennett and Charlie Romney-Brown. The couple recently relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador from Santa Fe, New Mexico to start Brain Dynamics so that people in the southern hemisphere would have access to this revolutionary new technology.

Both are trained Brainwave Optimization Technologists. Dr. Bennett has a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology, a PhD degree in Developmental Psychology and a certification in EMDR. He has practiced for 50 years in both the United States and Australia, and now in Cuenca, Ecuador. Charlie Romney-Brown is a writer and a poet. Her focus within the business is on promoting the technology and marketing the business.

Dr. Bennett's specialty is Brainwave Optimization™ (BWO) which is a profoundly relaxing, restorative and innovative short-term brain balancing and harmonizing process with long-lasting results. BWO is used to retrain the brain to transform old patterns in order to increase performance in various areas of life, among many other things. BWO is a direct, brief, noninvasive approach to brain self-recalibration. Since the body reflects the quality of brain function, body health tends to also balance. BWO takes weeks to retrain the brain where indirect approaches take months to years, if ever.
Dr. Bennett is also a published author. His first book, “Too Much, Too Little, Just Right” (2003), is a concise book about how to recognize and avoid extremes in life while successfully following a more balanced middle path. In addition, it is a primer on Hope, and provides The Tool, which helps the reader develop imagination. His next book is now in preparation.

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More Information About Brainwave Optimization

What is Brainwave Optimization?What is Brainwave Optimization?
  • Reclaim your own innate wellness from the inside out.
How Does Brainwave Optimization Work?How Does Brainwave Optimization Work?
  • Brainwave Optimization works by creating new neuropathways to replace old ones so unwanted patterns fade away and new ones develop.
What Are the Benefits of Brainwave Optimization?What Are the Benefits of Brainwave Optimization?
  • Brainwave Optimization is non-invasive, shows rapid improvement, builds new neural pathways, dissolves stress-related patterns, profound brain relaxation, permits the brain to recalibrate itself. Old patterns of health and behavior fade.
Supporting Research for Brainwave OptimizationSupporting Research for Brainwave Optimization
  • Research supports Brainwave Optimization.
The Tool
Additional ServicesAdditional Services
  • Personal Energy Profiles and Psychological Testing can help in making life decisions and utilize your energies more effectively
Books by Dr. Kelly R. BennettBooks by Dr. Kelly R. Bennett
  • Books by Brainwave Optimization expert Dr. Kelly R. Bennett

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