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JR - Truly amazing experience...

I have had a truly amazing experience, thanks to life changes that Brain Dynamics has offered me.

Hard-wired and deeply encoded traumas dictated my life for more than eight years, to the point of developing the debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

At times, I wondered if live was really worth living. As they say, “your health is everything.”

By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, the symptoms are now gone. It still seems like a miracle.

And, equally important, the constant “chatter”, “white noise”, and “hyper-vigilance” within my mind has been exchanged for a quiet, calm, restored sense of self.

Brain Dynamics has utterly changed my attitudes, helping me change from negatives to positives, to my new life.


JH - Thank you Dr. Bennett and Brain Dynamics!

Even at my age (90), take my word that life can open up and improve, even to my amazement.

Following some sessions of Brainwave Optimization® with Dr. Kelly Bennett of Brain Dynamics, my level of anxiety has reduced to almost nothing.

I can remember things I usually forget, I can focus my mind on what I am doing, and I no longer feel that I am worth less than everyone else.

My attempting to adapt to a new romantic relationship is also remarkable, which has not been easy. Thank you Dr. Bennett and Brain Dynamics!


GP - I am extremely happy with the results...

It’s been three months since I completed an intensive two week Brainwave Optimization® programme and the positive benefits I have experienced are still very much apparent.

Being in my brain is like a child in a playroom, I want to get everything out, play with it and leave it for someone else to put away.

The trouble is there is no one to tidy everything away in it’s proper place.

Holidays help, physical activity and general relaxation all keep a degree of order but a real sort-out always seems just out of reach.

This is what the training felt like, that sorting that I never seemed to have the time or skills to achieve.

I am extremely happy with the results from the brain training, my thought processes have become clearer, I am able to delineate between issues and act on them in a much more cohesive way.

As a result I get things done quicker, feel more relaxed and seem to have more time.

I’m still me, I don’t feel like the training has changed my personality but I see myself making decisions and acting on them faster and with more assurance.

I don’t feel the need to top up the training but it has introduced me to a clearer more engaging brain that I am keen to explore more and develop with further help from Dr Bennett’s superb use of the Brain State Technology protocols.

London, England

MP - ...set up a positive feedback loop...

This testimonial was written by the husband of one of Dr. Bennett's client. These are his observations of the effects of Brainwave Optimization® on his wife.

She seems to be able to trust her instincts, judgment, call it what you will, much more, not letting scattered thoughts or noise get in the way.
This seems to have set up a positive feedback loop of confidence in her capabilities.

Her written and verbal communication is stronger, which has led to a confidence in approaching and dealing with people in her career as an artist.

This has led to a realization that her thoughts and ideas are valid and worthy and that people are interested in them and want to hear them.

She has a greater understanding of her emotional being so that she does not let certain feelings exert a negative effect and at the same time not letting emotions be lost or suppressed.


CC - I highly recommend Dr. Bennett and Brain Dynamics...

I was treated by Dr. Bennett on two different occasions for a period of several weeks each time.

I was suffering from anxiety and depression and having trouble dealing with stress resulting from a number of causes.

I found Brain Dynamics to be very helpful in terms of evening out mood swings and enabling me to deal with the Anxiety and Depression I was suffering from.

The sessions themselves were very comfortable and the time went by very quickly.

Dr. Bennett is a true professional... very caring and sensitive and also extremely competent in administering the Brain Dynamics Protocol.

I highly recommend Dr. Bennett and Brain Dynamics to anyone experiencing similar types of issues with either anxiety, depression, or other symptoms related to stress.


SR - What a blessing!

After five months of intensive treatment for post traumatic stress disorder I realized that I needed support in stabilizing my nervous system as well as calming my mind.

Within 24 feedback and conditioning sessions with Brain Dynamics my perspective and physiology began to significantly shift.

For the first time in many years of healing and hard work, I was looking towards the future again.

It was as though Brain Dynamics helped me to "switch tracks" from a well-worn 'trauma groove' to a fresh new beginning filled with hope and creative inspiration. 

What a blessing!

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Brainwave Optimization® works by creating new neural pathways to replace old ones so unwanted patterns fade away and new ones develop.
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