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Expat Kelly Bennett combines a personal passion with the skills of a long career in his new Cuenca Brain Dynamics practice
October 26, 2015

Dr. Kelly R. Bennett tells how he went from astronautical engineer to developmental psychologist to helping people  break out of old patterns that are causing them problems as a trained Brainwave Optimization® technician in Cuenca, Ecuador. He talks about the Brainwave Optimization process and how people benefit from it.

For Cuenca expat Kelly Bennett, Brain Dynamics represents a natural progression in his professional career... Click Here to Read the Full Article
David Morrill and Dr. Kelly R. Bennett

Business Buzz: Brain Dynamics

Zero Latitude Magazine

Dr. Kelly R. Bennett talks about the brain, what causes us discomfort and how we can eliminate it from our lives.

Dr. Bennett explains, " The brain is very complex, with hundreds of billions of diverse neurons, each with up to 10,000 connections! ... Click Here to Read the Full Article

Brain Buzz

What are you thinking right now?
Aug 12, 2017

Our thoughts can be our friends or our enemies. Counseling can help. Click Here to Read the Full Article

Living Abroad: Questions and Answers
Jan 29, 2018

Moving is a traumatic experience. Moving to another country could be a traumatic experience on steroids. Learn how Dr. Bennett and Brainwave Optimization® can help.

The shock of realizing that our new life falls short of what we had anticipated can raise serious doubts in our mind... Click Here to Read the Full Article
Dr. Kelly R. Bennett

“The Ascension Perspective – Rise Above the Chaos of Life” by Dr. Kelly Bennett
May 14, 2018

The Ascension Perspective is the latest book by author, engineer, psychologist and trained Brainwave Optimization
® technician Dr. Kelly R. Bennett.

Rise above stress-filled worries with new 21st century principles of living. Confidently manage the unforeseen threats of life... Click Here to Read More about The Ascension Perspective
Thh Ascension Perspective
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Learn More About Brain Dynamics and Brainwave Optimization®

Brain DynamicsBrain DynamicsBrain Dynamics helps people end problems in their lives and find more focus, energy, and peace of mind. They do this using a process called Brainwave Optimization®
What is Brainwave Optimization®?What is Brainwave Optimization®?Brainwave Optimization® is a non-invasive process. It encourages the brain to relax and return to a balanced state. This sets the stage to break out of old patterns that are at the root of our problems. 
How Does Brainwave Optimization® Work?How Does Brainwave Optimization® Work?
Brainwave Optimization® works by creating new neural pathways to replace old ones so unwanted patterns fade away and new ones develop.
    What Are the Benefits of Brainwave Optimization®?What Are the Benefits of Brainwave Optimization®?Brainwave Optimization® helps people resolve problems in their lives and is also used to enhance performance in any aspect of life. BWO helps people feel more energetic, joyous and focused. It aids with memory, learning, meditation, peace of mind and sleep.
      BRAINtellect B2v2BRAINtellect B2v2B2v2 Technology That Helps You Sleep and More
      Brain Dynamics VideosBrain Dynamics VideosDr. Kelly Bennett of Brain Dynamics explains what causes brain dysfunction and how Brainwave Optimization® can help.
      Brain Dynamics TestimonialsBrain Dynamics TestimonialsRead what clients have to say about Dr. Kelly Bennett and how Brainwave Optimization® has helped their lives.
      Additional ServicesAdditional ServicesPsychological Counseling, Personal Energy Profiles and Psychological Testing can help in making life decisions and utilize your energies more effectively.
      Supporting Research for Brainwave Optimization®Supporting Research for Brainwave Optimization®Research supports Brainwave Optimization®, Read about it here.
      Moodiness and Person Energy ProfilesMoodiness and Person Energy ProfilesDr. Kelly Bennett of Brain Dynamics explains Personal Energy Profiles and the four types of energy that make them up. He explains how these energies affect each other, our moods and ultimately our lives.
      Depression and What You Can do About ItDepression and What You Can do About ItDr. Kelly Bennett of Brain Dynamics discusses depression, the lasting effects it can have on our lives and what we can do about it.
      Stress and How to Deal With ItStress and How to Deal With ItStress is the enemy of good health, it is a killer. Dr. Kelly Bennett of Brain Dynamics explains how the causes of stress effect us and give some good no cost and low cost suggestions for what we can do about it.
      The Ascension PerspectiveThe Ascension Perspective
      The Ascension Perspective: Rise Above the Chaos of Life by Dr. Kelly R. Bennett and Cheryl Romney-Brown
      The Ascension Perspective reveals what you always wanted to know about this journey called life and what really matters on planet Earth. 
      Too Much, Too Little, Just RightToo Much, Too Little, Just RightToo Much, Too Little, Just Right by Dr. Kelly R. Bennett
      Use The Tool found in Too Much, Too Little, Just Right to bring about rapid change and improvement in your life.
      About the AuthorsAbout the AuthorsA little information about the authors, Dr. Kelly Bennet and Cheryl "Charlie" Romney-Brown
      Dr. Kelly R. BennettDr. Kelly R. BennettDr. Kelly R. Bennett - Experience and Education
      Cheryl "Charlie" Romney-BrownCheryl "Charlie" Romney-Brown
      Cheryl “Charlie” Romney-Brown; Cheryl Brown Rush’s Curriculum Vitae
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