Articles By Carlos Sánchez Aguilar O.D.

Articles By Carlos Sánchez Aguilar O.D.

Healthy Eating for Healthy EyesHealthy Eating for Healthy EyesGood vision starts with good health. Read about the right foods to eat for good vision health.

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Centro Óptico IntegralCentro Óptico IntegralCentro Optico Integral is a center for optometry and ophthalmology.
Objectives and BenefitsObjectives and BenefitsOur objective is to provide a better quality of life for our patients.
Preventing Eye DiseasePreventing Eye DiseaseThe secret is in what we eat.
Optometrist vs. OphthalmologistOptometrist vs. OphthalmologistOptometrists and ophthalmologists are both trained to take care of your eye health. Learn the differences here.
Contact Lenses vs Eye SurgeryContact Lenses vs Eye SurgeryLearn about avoiding expensive and risky eye surgery with contact lenses.

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Eye CareEye CareEye doctors who use holistic approaches and principles.
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