Do Alternative Cancer Treatments Really Work?
Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments

Do Alternative Cancer Treatments Really Work?

By Robert Higgins

I have some good news and some bad news. Everyone reading this article has cancer in their bodies. That’s the bad news! The good news is that we also have an amazing immune system that works 24/7 to track down and destroy bad bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer.  Our bodies will not develop cancer if we have a healthy immune system. When our immune system becomes overwhelmed with toxins caused by any combination of : poor nutrition, smoking, environmental pollution, radiation, stress, chemicals in skin care and cleaning products, and other pollutants, our immune system can become overloaded and dis-ease is a likely outcome. 

I am going to make an assumption that if you are interested in reading about alternative treatments to cancer that you have already done your homework about the Big Three traditional cancer therapies - Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery – and know that current research indicates that only three patients out of 100 live for five years or more after receiving these traditional allopathic treatments. Why? Because chemotherapy, which is a derivative of mustard gas that was used as a weapon in World War II, attacks rapidly dividing cells like cancer cells – and your immune system. 

Many people who receive chemotherapy do not die of cancer, they die of the flu, or malnutrition, or infection due to the inability of their compromised immune system to do what it was designed to do. In other words, they die from their cancer treatment. Radiation actually causes cancer and can increase the likelihood of the cancer returning in the future more aggressively than ever. There is a place for surgery in effective cancer treatment, but it is unlikely to have long-term effectiveness BECAUSE the tumor that is removed is not the cancer. It is the manifestation of the cancer that is systemic in your body.

Dr Ralph Moss is the author of ‘The Cancer Industry’, a shocking expose of the world of conventional cancer politics and practice. When interviewed on the Laurie Lee show he stated: In the end, there is no proof that chemotherapy actually extends life in the vast majority of cases , and this is the great lie about chemotherapy, that somehow there is a correlation between shrinking a tumor and extending the life of a patient. 

Let’s look at this metaphor. If you take a piece of cheese and leave it out on the counter of your kitchen, within a day or two in will become hard and start to mold. If you then take it and cut out the affected area and put it back on the counter, it will start to mold again. That is because you have not changed the circumstances or environment that caused the mold in the first place. It’s the same with cancer. Unless you do the work to identify the circumstances that invited the cancer into your body in the first place, those conditions will probably still be present. 

What does this have to do with the efficacy of alternative cancer treatments? Surgery can remove a cancerous mass and there are many effective “alternative” cancer treatments that will eliminate the existing cancer tumors. But the reason that your cancer developed in the first place was because your immune system was overloaded by lifestyle choices and environmental toxins. Unless these issues are addressed, the same conditions that caused the cancer in the first place will still be present and creates an ideal environment for creating a new cancer challenge.

So let me answer the original question. If you follow the protocol (don’t cheat) for many of the “alternative” cancer treatments, you have a good chance of eliminating the existing cancer. However, even though the cancer is gone, you have cut the mold off the cheese and put the cheese back on the counter. Unless you do the work to identify the circumstances that invited the cancer into your body in the first place, the conditions will probably still be present.  Since your body has already demonstrated that these are ideal conditions for the development of a cancer episode, you are highly likely to have another cancer manifestation in your body if conditions don’t change.
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