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Brain DynamicsBrain Dynamics
Centro Óptico IntegralCentro Óptico Integral
  • Centro Optico Integral is a center for optometry and ophthalmology.
Christine Poulin - Energy Work
  • Christine is an Energywork and Reiki Master. Also skilled in Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, Bio Energy, EMF Balancing Technique, Ama Deus, Emotional Freedom Technique and others.
Christine Poulin - Shamanism
  • Bring balance into your emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual spheres.
Cornelio Montesínos
  • Regain balance and function in your life.
Cuenca Holistic Wellness Center
  • Combined experience in clinical counseling, energy psychology, vibrational medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, homeopathy and more.
David Korchak
  • Hyperbaric medicine is the product of formal scientific research with oxygen at high pressure.
Feral Macloud
  • Oriental Medicine and Qi Gong
Gaia Sagrada Center
  • Rejuvenate, revitalize, exercise and cleanse in a supportive environment.
Garden of Paradise
  • Over 45 Years Experience as a Certified Advanced Rolfer.
Heaven & Earth HarmonyHeaven & Earth Harmony
  • Psychic tarot card readings, intuitive counseling, energy healings, shamanic astrology, ancient black pearl, CCMBA, geotran, breath work, electric medicine, and personal ceremonies.
Margaret Y. EllisMargaret Y. Ellis
  • Kangen Alkaline, Ionized Water and Air Restore Home Air Purifiers.
María Inés Borrero A.María Inés Borrero A.
  • A Family Constellation helps you to look at the past, present and future. It is a method of Reconciliation. 
Norie Huddle
  • Norie is an advanced practitioner of the voice dialog process.
Robert Higgins LMFT, CHRobert Higgins LMFT, CH
  • Medical and clinical hypnosis.
Sammi MedicalSammi MedicalAt Sammi Medical we have a strong knowledge of bioenergy medicine and experience working with foreign patients.
  • SAT NAM is more than yoga. It is a non-profit that uses most of the money it takes in to help those in need. Learn more and find out how you can help.
Shambhahla Meditation Group of Cuenca
  • A non-profit group that promotes mindfulness-awareness meditation in the tradition of Shambhala Buddhism.
Susan Schenck - NutritionSusan Schenck - Nutrition
  • Weekly classes on the preparation of raw foods—a proven way to superior health.
Susan Schenck - Weight LossSusan Schenck - Weight Loss
  • Lose weight, Feel great—without feeling hungry.
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